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Everyone imagines driving off a dealership lot in a brand new vehicle. Maybe you are wanting to purchase the car of your dreams. But how are you planning for paying for the vehicle? Unlike many people in the world, not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend on vehicles. So the answer is an auto loan. This loan has helped millions of people get the cars they dreamed about. With so many loan facilities in every city, you could literally go anywhere to apply. There is a difference between what type of loan you are able to apply for. There is a direct lending and a dealership financing. Knowing the difference between both of these types of loan options is very important. Since there is a major difference between the two loan types, we wanted to explain them so you can have a better understanding.

Direct Lending Auto Loan.

With a direct lending auto loan, you can get the loan directly from the lender. You are dealing with the lender yourself instead of having the dealership run your credit score with different loan companies. A bank or credit union is usually the best option when it comes to loans. That is because you can discuss with the lending company ahead of time, what the fees and interest rates are going to be on top of the loan. Direct lenders will also discuss with you, your credit score ahead of time. This is a great advantage to you. Many auto loans will base the amount of the auto loan by your credit score. The higher the score, the more money the lending company is willing to offer you. With a higher credit score, you appear to be a more trustworthy individual. By that, the lenders will be at ease knowing that you will be paying your payments on time. You want to know your credit score before going to the dealership. This is what will give you an advantage ahead of time.

Dealership Auto Loan Financing.

This type of financing is done while you are at the dealership. They will run your credit to see if you are close to qualifying for a loan. Then they will run your credit in their database to see if any loan company will provide you with a loan. The way a dealership finance works is once you become approved for a loan, that lending company will pay the dealership the amount of the vehicle. Then, you must repay the lending company for the amount of the loan, plus the added fees and interest. Basically, you will not be dealing with the dealership who sold you the vehicle. You will communicate with the lending company who loaned you the money. This can go either way. It can help you but also hurt you. Be careful with who you are dealing with.

It is important to understand that you do not have to accept any offers that are given to you. If you are unsure, then contact a bank or credit union for more assistance with the auto loan. This is a large decision that you should fully understand before signing any papers. The main goal to remember is that you do not want to further your financial debt by owing more money. Be reasonable when you are shopping for a loan. There are also special programs that dealerships offer. Some of the offers may have special requirements such as specific vehicles. A specific vehicle may have an incentive to put down a lower down payment or you could get a shorter contract length. All of these are good options if you are wanting a good deal when you purchase your vehicle. Just ask the sales associate at the dealership what special offers they have for that month. Specials are good when you can find them. However, you also want to be aware of hidden fees and added on taxes. Just because the deal seems lower than you expected, doesn't mean that you are getting a really good deal.

Searching for a loan can be stressful and we want to help. Let us take the guess-work out of who will provide you with a loan or not. If you were to search on your own for an auto loan, you would have a very hard time trying. That is why we say to leave it up to us. You need a business that will take control over your finances and lead you in the right direction. Again, we want you to understand that you do not have to accept any auto loan that is out of your budget. It is wise to shop around. You do not have to sign papers with the first loan company. We recommend that you take your time. If you do not find what you are looking for in your budget, then keep looking.